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File your social security disability claim correctly the first time


The number one mistake people make when applying for social security disability is doing it alone. A disability attorney can handle problems quickly, so you won't have to wait as long for a resolution. Before you submit your application for social security disability, talk to an experienced attorney in Minneapolis, MN.

Disability Attorneys of Minnesota has been helping people get the financial assistance they need to live a full life for over 25 years. Dial 612-339-0958 now to schedule a consultation.

You don't need to handle your case alone


Getting approved for social security disability doesn't need to be a struggle. Disability Attorneys of Minnesota knows the ins and outs of the system. Our legal team can help you...

Collect the necessary medical evidence for your claim

Correctly file your claim and, if necessary, your appeal

Present your case and argue your appeal

Instead of facing the Social Security Administration on your own, work with a dedicated disability attorney in Minneapolis, MN.

Watch Out for Common Pitfalls

Work with a social security attorney in Minneapolis, MN

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Getting approved isn't as hard as you think


You don't need decades of experience dealing with social security law to get the best possible result for your disability application. You just need a social security attorney from Disability Attorneys of Minnesota. Use our skill, knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Don't wait for more time to pass. Discuss your case with a social security attorney today.